Lithuanian Sports University has improved its rating

LSU has been ranked 10th in Lithuania according to journal “Reitingai”, which publishes the ranking scores of higher education institutions. For the past few years, the specialized university had a lower rank. Now it has been well rated in the categories of “Competition in the International Study Area” (5th place), “Academic Environment” (6th place), “3rd-Year Students’ Attitude towards Their University” (7th place), “Created Added Value and Employers’ Evaluation” (9th place).

The place in the ranking list was determined by assessment in seven categories. In addition to the above mentioned categories, the achievements in science, art and / or sport, current and future academic staff, students and academic quality were assessed.

Journal “Reitingai” has noted that the entry of Lithuanian Sports University into the top 10 is the most interesting change in the ranking of recent years. “Compared to 2017, it (Lithuanian Sports University) has risen by two positions and this is really significant for this small specialized university. Students’ opinion had a great impact on the final score.”

Infrastructure changes in the university were also noticed. The journal states that LSU was the most distinguished this year according to the investments made in the infrastructure of the last five years per student, as 3,711 euros per student were spent on infrastructure development.

The ranking was based on the data provided by the Ministry of Education and Science, LAMA BPO, Ministry of Finance, Lithuanian Labour Exchange, Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre, Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education and other institutions.

Journal “Reitingai” states that a significant degree of confusion was caused by the assessment of the study fields published in March.

According to LSU Vice-Rector for Studies Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jūratė Požėrienė, this year LSU offers 8 Bachelor’s and 10 Master’s degree programmes. Therefore, future students who intend to acquire a Bachelor’s degree may apply for Sports Coaching, Physical Education and Sport, Physiotherapy, Adapted Physical Activity, Physical Activity and Public Health, Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle, Sports Management, Sport Recreation and Tourism study programmes. Also, the university offers the following Master’s degree study programmes:  Sport Education, Sports Coaching, Tourism and Sports Management, Physical Education, Sports Physiology and Genetics, Physical Activity and Public Health, Adapted Physical Activity, Physiotherapy study programs. Students may choose to study in two international study programmes in English – International Master in Performance Analysis of Sport, and International Basketball Coaching and Management.

Future students may be concerned if reorganization of the universities and possible merging of institutions can eliminate the selected study programmes at LSU. “Whatever the scenarios for the future of Kaunas universities, those enrolled in LSU will be guaranteed the right to complete their study programme,” says the Rector of LSU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diana Rėklaitienė.

Information provided by Lithuanian Sports University and journal “Reitingai”