KINESIS project brings together children from different cultures in a sporting and social event

Representatives of the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) took part in the two-year European Commission-supported project “Sport as a Tool for Promoting Social Integration of Children from Vulnerable Target Groups” (KINESIS: Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Children through the Cooperation between Schools and Intermediary Organisations in the Field of Sport), which will end on 31 March 2022.

The project has carried out several purposeful and much-needed activities, such as the development of manuals for intermediary sports organisations and physical education teachers, and the training of representatives of both groups. This training was followed by a sporting and social event for children from vulnerable groups.

The event aimed to promote the social integration of children from vulnerable groups through sporting activities. A large number of participants came to LSU from Rukla Refugee Reception Centre, Rukla Jonas Stanislavskis School in Jonava district, Vilkiai Gymnasium, Antanas and Jonas Juškis Gymnasium in Veliuona, Batniava Kindergarten “Eglutė” in Kaunas district, Anelė and Augustinas Kriauziai Primary School in Raudondvaris, Panevėžys Minties Gymnasium, Varėnos Pasakos Kindergarten, Kelmė district, Alytus district, Kėdainiai district, Plungė district, Veisiejus and Seiriiai gymnasiums and vocational training centers. Participants are between 6 and 17 years. They come from different countries, including Iraq, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Congo, Guinea, Eritrea, Syria, Jordan, and Lithuania.

All participants were warmly welcomed by LSU student volunteers. They prepared a rich programme of sports games and activities and actively involved all the children. Physical education teachers joined the students in providing physically engaging activities for the children.

Sports brought children together. They learned to work as a team to achieve common goals, overcome challenges, help the little ones, and experience good emotions. The LSU student ended the sporting event with a joint dance, teaching everyone dance moves and rhythms. The sports activities created an extremely warm atmosphere for children from different national cultures. They had fun interacting with each other despite language barriers, holding hands, and performing various sporting tasks.

KINESIS project has been successful, and its results will benefit a large sporting community both in Lithuania and in partner countries.