K. Žaltauskaitė, a student of physiotherapy, pursues a noble goal – to heal people through movement and promote sports yoga

We continue our acquaintance with the first-year students of the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) who passed one of their matriculation exams with 100 points. This time, Kotryna Žaltauskaitė, a student in the Physiotherapy study programme, shares her impressions of her first year at the University.

Why did you decide to study Physiotherapy at LSU?

I chose physiotherapy because I have always been interested in movement therapy. I had a serious knee injury myself, which made me even more interested in my health and the health of others. I have also completed an international yoga instructor course, so I decided to further my knowledge in physiotherapy. I want to be a specialist who understands the structure of the human body and has a broad knowledge of work so that I can professionally treat others with movement.

What impresses you most about this study programme?

What I like most about the physiotherapy programme is that it teaches you how to know your own body and the bodies of others, to know exactly what to do in the event of an injury, and to be able to prevent them. In addition, we learn to promote a healthy lifestyle. I am only a first-year student and so far I have only studied a few modules related to physiotherapy, which I found interesting.

What kind of lecturers have you met at LSU?

I am delighted that the University has highly experienced lecturers who are willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to students. Most of them are experts in their field. They are willing to answer our questions and communicate with students not only during lectures.

Have you thought about what exactly you would like to work and develop after your studies?

I want to work in traumatology and orthopedics. I am particularly interested in sports injuries, especially the knee. I am also trying to promote sports yoga and change the snobbish attitude of people towards it.

Have you been interested in career opportunities in your chosen field?

I haven’t thought about career opportunities yet. But I already know that there is always a need for good physiotherapists. I think it’s a great specialty that gives people hope to get back to normal life after serious injuries.

What would you wish for yourself? Maybe you have challenges or goals?

I don’t like to set goals because I have noticed that they change over time. But I would like to keep believing in myself and keep going when I fail.