Judo coach gives advice on how to fall safely

LSU teacher advices

In winter, ice-covered sidewalks become slippery and dangerous to walk on, especially for the elderly. How can falls and related fractures be prevented?

We have all been given advice to walk on the sidewalks slowly, skate with our arms outstretched, and bend our knees if we slip. In addition to these tips, Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) teacher, one of the most famous judo coaches Dr. Lolita Dudėnienė offers other ways to avoid injuries.

“During judo exercises, when learning the technique of falls on the back, we first protect the head. We must bow it, and the chin has to be as close to the chest as possible. We keep our hands folded on the chest, they are the last ones to reach the ground. We fall on the softest part of the body,” advised L. Dudėnienė.

Falls on the left or right side are similar to falls on the back. In this case, it is advisable to keep the head tilted, the leg should be extended, and the arm should be straight and tense. “If we are falling forward, we should not forget that we do not need to bow the head. We tilt the head and raise it up. We bend our elbows and stretch our palms,” said L. Dudėnienė.

The coach thinks that everyone can prepare for safe falls at home. “Everyone can learn falling techniques. All you need is a gym mat and not to be afraid to try more than once,” said L. Dudėnienė. Judo techniques are used not only by judo athletes, but also by cyclists, rugby players or footballers. This is a popular technique for those who want to learn to fall safely and not suffer injuries. “When winter comes, I wish everyone to learn the falling techniques and stay healthy,” added L. Dudėnienė.