Insights of LSU professor presented in the portal of a popular American magazine TIME

The research conducted by Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) scientists has received appreciation from both prestigious scientific journals and the global media.  Article “How to Help Your Body Adjust to Colder Weather” published in one of the most popular American magazines TIME news portal presents the insights of Prof. Dr. Marius Brazaitis, a scientist at LSU Institute of Sport Science and Innovations.

“Together with colleagues, we have been researching the body’s acclimatization to cold weather for more than a decade, so it is gratifying that the results of our work are relevant to both scientists and readers of popular world publications,” says Prof. Dr. M. Brazaitis. “According to Markham Heid, a journalist who wrote the article for the portal of the magazine TIME, it is important that people get professional scientific advice on how to prepare for the cold before winter comes.”

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