Insights of LSU Professor M. Brazaitis published in influential world media


The research and projects carried out by Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) scientists have been receiving not only the recognition of the scientific community and prestigious scientific journals, but also the attention of the world media. Last year, Prof. Dr. Marius Brazaitis’s (LSU Institute of Sport Science and Innovations) insights into the body adaptation to cold weather were quoted in an article on, a news portal of one of the most popular US magazines TIME, and now he has appeared in two very popular publications, The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Telegraph.

“The fact that our science and research-based insights have been published in influential world publications shows not only the visibility and uniqueness of LSU scientists’ work on a global scale, but also the fact that our research output can be applied in health promotion and well-being. It is good to know that the research serves not only the people of Lithuania, but also the people of the whole world,” said Prof. Dr. M. Brazaitis.

An article in The Wall Street Journal, Train Your Body to Work Out — or Just Hang Out — in Colder Weather shares the experiences of scientists and practitioners of what a person feels as they adapt to the cold, and the health benefits. Prof. M. Brazaitis claims that the latest results of research conducted by a group of LSU scientists show that in order to adapt to the cold, it is enough to stay in cold (14 oC) water for 10 minutes. In the past, it was thought it had to be up to a few hours, repeating every day and continuing for two to three weeks. “It has been found that such adaptation reduces the probability of a cold by 30 %, and if a person goes in for sports – up to 50 %. Regular cold improves metabolism, muscle and nerve function. Successful adapters to the cold better deal with attention and memory tests, which means that their brain function has been improved. For the beginners, it is recommended to get used to the higher water temperature (20 oC) and decrease the temperature by one degree daily until it reaches 14-13 oC. Stay in water at this temperature for at least a few minutes. After a few days of such bathing, the body will experience less cold stress, you will feel more comfortable,” said Prof. M. Brazaitis.

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The international business daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal has been published in English in New York since 1889. It is one of the most influential business and economic periodicals in the world, with a daily circulation of 3 million copies.

Prof. Dr. M. Brazaitis’ insights on the body’s adaptation to the cold are also shared in the article of the British daily newspaper The Daily Telegraph The brrr illiant health benefits cold exposure. The Daily Telegraph has been distributed in the United Kingdom and beyond since 1855.