Graduate of PAL study programme K. Norvilaitė: I love observing how clients change

An alumna of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) Kornelija Norvilaitė did not expect her dream written on a piece of paper to come true so soon.

She played handball for 10 years as well as football and was engaged in athletics and sportdance, but as a schoolgirl she was planning to become an investigator or a prosecutor. But when the time came to choose a future career, Kornelija was captivated by LSU international study programme Physical Activity and Lifestyle.

Now Cornell has her dream job – she conducts personal and group workouts in a wellness centre helping people become healthier. “The best thing is to observe how clients change when they thank after a workout. My studies at LSU were related not only to physical activity, but also to a healthy diet, so I wanted to learn more about it and started to study dietetics,” said K. Norvilaitė.

LSU is conducting an international study programme Physical Activity and Lifestyle together with the consortium partners: Hanse University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), University of Southern Denmark (Denmark), Foro Italico University of Rome (Italy) and Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior (Portugal). Students seeking not only a university diploma but also a consortium certificate must participate in an exchange programme and spend at least one semester in a foreign university. “Studies are conducted in English, so students find themselves in an international environment since the first semester. The study modules of this programme are very popular among Erasmus + exchange students from foreign universities. In addition, guest lecturers from abroad often come to deliver lectures and conduct practical exercises,” said Rita Gruodytė-Račienė, the Director of an international study programme Physical Activity and Lifestyle.

Kornelija Norvilaitė is happy to have gained theoretical and practical knowledge during the years of studies. She also improved her English language skills, lived and studied in Rio Maior, Portugal for half a year. “The practical lectures delivered by Simona Pajaujienė were the most memorable. She opened the doors for me. I decided that I wanted to be like this teacher, who was competent and shared knowledge with all students sincerely and professionally,” said LSU graduate. According to the Director of the Physical Activity and Lifestyle study programme, future professionals are trained to develop science-based health promotion and behavioural change programmes for individuals, organizations and communities, to apply the principles of physically active and healthy lifestyle counselling and carry out research.

“The graduates of this study programme can be employed as healthy lifestyle advisors and educators in private or public companies or business establishments, sports and fitness centres, spas, beauty centres or companies which arrange recreational activities. They can develop their own business, advise on modelling health-enhancing behaviour. Later, the graduates can continue their studies in Sports Coaching, Physical Education, Sports Physiology and Genetics, or other Master’s degree programmes,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Gruodytė-Račienė.

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