Erasmus students started their studies at Lithuanian Sports University

This year, 30 students from Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Portugal, Cyprus and Turkey came to study at LSU under the Erasmus student exchange programme.

Tilman Roos, a German student of Performance Analysis of Sport, knew that each semester he would have to study and live in a different country – Germany, Portugal, or Lithuania. He enjoys the opportunity to gain different experiences. „I love the fact that LSU is a specialized sports university. I was particularly interested in coming to Kaunas because our programme is focused on biomechanics, sports and exercise science, which is what interests me most. Kaunas gave me a good first impression, it is a very nice, clean and green city,” said Tilman Roos, who is currently studying at LSU.

For a Belgian student, the Baltic States were an unfamiliar territory. Clara Neyrinck, who is studying physiotherapy, had never been here before and never imagined the cities of Lithuania. “I read very good feedback from Belgian students about LSU, so I chose this university,” said Clara.

Carlos Mallen Lacambra, a Spanish student in the Coaching Science training programme, said he wanted to see and feel a different culture. However, he can see now that Lithuania is the centre of Europe and there are no major cultural differences. “Kaunas is a beautiful, peaceful city with many parks. I really like everything at the university,” says Carlos.

During the orientation days, the staff of the International Relations Office introduced the students to the university and the history of Lithuania. Students took part in sightseeing tours in Kaunas and Trakai, and participated in a meet-and-greet party with the members of the Student Union.