Coach is the one to influence athlete’s personality and victories

The idea of a physically and spiritually perfect man has been of great interest to the mankind since ancient times. This might be the reason for sport, as a social phenomenon, to become an important part of people’s lives. It is hard to believe, but historical facts show that famous ancient Greek philosophers Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato promoted sport and believed sport to be an important factor facilitating mental activity.

In modern society, physical education and sport are extremely important in social, cultural, economic and political terms. In modern countries, it has long been established that the country’s progress is reflected not only in the achievements of professionals, but also in society’s attitudes towards physical education and sport and the number of citizens who are actively engaged in sports. Today we know the names of famous athletes and their coaches, we follow their achievements, they are our heroes. How to become one of them?

Good coach does not focus only on the result

Long-term training of the athlete and the path to victory is modelled by the coach. He/ she is assisted by doctors, psychologists, masseurs, physiotherapists, sports organizers, scientists, but still the main role in this process is played by the coach. Therefore, the role of the coach in achieving sporting results is unquestionable. However, the goal of a good coach is not just the pursuit of good results.

“When choosing his/ her profession, the coach also takes on a great responsibility to develop athlete’s personality. The process of training an athlete, which is managed by the coach, is a personality development that requires special knowledge, professional competence, extensive university education, and pedagogical mastery. That’s why the coach’s activities are so varied and exciting. The coach must have a good knowledge of the psychological and physiological peculiarities of a child, adolescent, maturing young person and adult, to be able to apply pedagogical principles and methods of personality development,” says Prof. Antanas Skarbalius, a famous handball coach and pedagogue.

In the training process, it is very important to know the constantly evolving and sports science-based training technologies. In sports practice, the personality, character traits and professional achievements of an athlete and his/ her coach are revealed more clearly than in everyday life. It makes us happy and sometimes sad, but nonetheless, the coach’s specialty and professional activity is youthful, dynamic and promising.

LSU is the only university to train coaches

Sports Coaching is the only study programme in Lithuania that trains sports coaches appreciated worldwide. There is also a lack of competent coaches in various sports in Lithuania. For academic year 2020-2021, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports has allocated 120 student baskets for sports studies. So, if you are athletic and want to become a professional sports coach, choose this study programme at LSU, study seriously and pursue a bachelor’s degree in sports.

LSU offers 32 specializations: aerobic gymnastics, personal trainer, athletic training, kayaking and canoeing, baseball, sailing, cycling, judo and self-defence wrestling, boxing, fencing, football, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, rowing, basketball, bodybuilding, athletics, artistic gymnastics, disabled sports, orienteering, swimming, handball, rugby, artistic sports gymnastics, sport dances, table tennis, powerlifting triathlon and weightlifting, shooting, modern pentathlon, tennis, volleyball, triathlon, and winter sports.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain international experience –  you will be able to go on part-time studies and internships to the European universities under the Erasmus + student exchange programme.

After graduating from LSU, you will be a coach able to implement the latest technologies for training children and adult athletes. You will be able to work as a sports coach in sports schools and clubs, as an athlete training or personal trainer. Having acquired the bachelor’s degree, you will be able to pursue knowledge in the master’s programme in Sports Coaching, Sports Physiology and Genetics and other areas.

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