Bachelor’s and Master’s diplomas awarded to Lithuanian Sports University graduates

Graduates of Lithuanian Sports University have been solemnly awarded diplomas conferring Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

According to the data provided by the LSU Studies Division, this year, 341 students graduated from the University. All in all, 277 students were conferred Bachelor’s degree in Sports Coaching (96),  Physiotherapy (108), Physical Education (26), Sport Recreation and Tourism (21), Physical Activity and Public Health (24) and Adapted Physical Activity. This spring, 19 students completed an international study programme Physical Activity and Lifestyle.

64 students were awarded Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, Sports Coaching, Physical Education, Sports Physiology and Genetics, Adapted Physical Activity, Sports Education, Tourism and Sports Management, as well as Basketball Coaching and Management and Performance Analysis of Sport.

As is the case every year, famous athletes joined the ranks of LSU graduates. This year, European Championship bronze medallist, Lithuanian Champion Liveta Jasiūnaitė got a degree in Sports Coaching, European Powerlifting Triathlon and Bench Press Championship silver medallist Aistė Motiečė, former football player, multiple Lithuanian champion Andrius Velička and skier Olympian Vytautas Strolia were conferred Bachelor’s degree in Sport. European Karting Champion Simas Juodviršis graduated from Sports Recreation and Tourism study programme and got Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Lithuanian Women’s Basketball Champion Laura Svarytė successfully completed Master’s degree studies in Tourism and Sports Management and became a Master of Business Management.

Lithuanian Sports University offers 8 Bachelor’s degree study programmes, 10 Master’s degree study programmes and doctoral studies in Biology and Education.