A world-renowned sport and exercise psychology professor from Taiwan visited LSU

The University hosted professor Yu-Kai Chang, Taiwan Research Chair Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University and Director of the Physical Activity and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory.

During his visit, Professor Yu-Kai Chang met with LSU Rector Professor Diana Rėklaitienė, representatives of the departments and delivered a series of lectures “Health Behavior Change” to the undergraduate students in Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management.

Prof. Chang had served as Dean of the Research and Development Office at National Taiwan Sport University. He is currently treasurer and vice president of both the International Society of Sports Psychology (ISSP) and the Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology, respectively, as well as the mental consultant for the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

Prof. Chang’s research focuses on “Sports and Exercise Psychology”, especially concerning issues of “Exercise and Mental Health”, “Sports/Performance Psychology”, and “Mindfulness”, undertaken from a cognitive neuroscience perspective. He has published over 200 papers in domestic and international journals, including those featured in internationally renowned journals, such as Sport Medicine, International Review and Sport and Exercise Psychology, Health Psychology, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, NeuroImage, Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Psychology for Sport and Exercise, and Psychophysiology. Prof. Chang has written 10 chapters in international textbooks, and translated four international academic books. He has won numerous domestic and international academic awards and was listed the World’s 2% of Top Scientists in both 2021 and 2022.

Prof. Chang is also Editor-in-Chief of the Quartey of Chinese Physical Education (TSSCI), Associate Editor of the Journal of Sport and Health Science (SSCI/SCI), Editor of the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (SSCI/Scopus), and a member of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (SSCI/SCI) and Psychology for Sport and Exercise (SSCI/SCI) editorial committee.

“I am grateful for the numerous events provided during this interaction period. We together conducted multiple lectures, had meetings and discussions with the rector, various chairs, and your team at the International Affairs Office. These interactions facilitated substantial dialogues and exchanges between the two universities in terms of inter-university relations, academics, teaching, established courses, and culture, resulting in a fruitful experience. I believe this will be another important milestone in the exchange between Taiwan and Lithuania!”, Prof. Chang reflected on his visit to the LSU.