Bachelor Degree in Physical Activity and Lifestyle

Language:  English B2 level or IELTS 5.0/TOEFL 72
Credits:  180 ECTS
Begins: September 15th
Study type:  Full-time
Duration:  4 years
Annual tuition fee*:  3426 EUR; Non-Europe – 3426 EUR
Prerequisites:  Secondary education
Qualification to be conferred:  Bachelor of  Sports
Additional features:  PAL Consortium Certificate**

*Tuition fee can be changed for 2022/2023 academic year.
**Students have to choose 1 semester for a compulsory semester abroad.


To educate specialists in physical activity and lifestyle who would have research skills and be able to apply evidence-based interventions (1) to promote health-enhancing physical activity; (2) to assist in changing lifestyle at the first, second and third prevention levels; (3) to work in rehabilitation institutions as healthy lifestyle educators (trainers) as well as in business sector.


PAL program consists of 3 years (six semesters) of full-time or part-time study.

It was designed in collaboration with Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Gronningen, Netherlands), University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark), Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro Italico” (Rome, Italy) and Instituto Politécnico de Santarém, Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior (Rio Maior, Portugal). It offers excellent opportunities for study visits to other European universities in the framework of ERASMUS programme.

Teaching is delivered in English and includes lectures, seminars, practicals as well as tutorials for small groups of students. The e learning system will be used to facilitate access to teaching materials from home and/or any other location.

  1. Introductory semester. Students will be introduced into teaching didactics, physical activity, public health, functional anatomy, psychology of behavioural change as well as develop skills for presentation, communication and project management.
  2. Health Enhancing Physical Activity. Students will learn fundamentals of Applied Health Sciences and Physical Activity programmes for various ages and fitness levels.
  3. Changing Behaviour. Students will study and practice basic counselling skills which are aimed at helping clients to adapt to a long-term healthy lifestyle.
  4. Nutrition. Students will learn about healthy nutrition, European cultural and policy differences in diet, diet-related health. They will also learn how to help clients in changing their eating habits and behaviour.
  5. Entrepreneurship & Internship. The focus is made on possible job scenarios and abilities to deal with various work environments as well as on employment policy and strategy. Students will have their internship or work placement. They will also have an option to carry out internship abroad.
  6. Final Project. Students will have an integrated project aimed at developing research skills and outreach activities.


European Bachelor of Physical Activity and Lifestyle study is an interdisciplinary programme. The competences of graduates cover Sports, Education, Psychology, Public Health as well as Management areas and include Reflection/ Professional orientation/ Assessing/ Changing behaviour/ Research/ Development and innovations/ Entrepreneurship/ Policy making/ Comprehensive knowledge and management of ideas/ Health enhancing physical activity.


The competences developed will enable graduates to be employed as healthy lifestyle advisor and educator in private or public companies or business establishments, private and municipal sports and fitness centres, spas, beauty centres, companies which arrange recreational activities, and rehabilitation institutions. The specialists will have necessary skills to establish their own wellness businesses. The graduates can also be  employed in formal and non-formal educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, municipal public health institutions).

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