Methodology of Sports and Exercise Training

Head Assoc. Prof. Diana Rėklaitienė

The strategic research area Methodology of Sports and Exercise Training comprises a variety of aspects of training management of athletes of different age groups and fitness in different sport disciplines. The research will address the following issues: control of athlete training process and monitoring of functional state; physical fitness indicators and techniques for the improvement of  technical performance; optimization of special and technical training; modelling of training technology; diagnosis and prevention of injury risk factors; effective integration of athletic training into the process of training sessions; dynamics of eye pressure, retinal blood vessels, optic nerve disc, cognitive functions, cerebral blood flow autoregulation and arterial blood pressure of elite athletes in different sports disciplines under physical load. With the introduction of the latest technology in sport science, it has become possible to explore not only the individual parameters of athlete functional state, but also to perform more complex integrated research determining perception, memory, scope of learning, decision making mechanisms and their effect on motor control of the nervous system, which predetermine coordinated complex movements and form skills. Also, new areas of research will be related to the prediction of athletic performance (perception, insight and decision making) (Vickers, 2010).

The researchers of the strategic research area will use different research methods and examine training models for athletes of different ages and physical fitness in different sport disciplines (team sports, e.g. basketball, handball, volleyball, football; endurance cyclical, e.g., cycling, orienteering, rowing, swimming; double events, e.g., judo, boxing; individual, e.g., track and field athletics) in various aspects.


  • Physical Fitness and Functional State of Sports Enthusiasts

(Prof. Dr. J. Poderys H  – 4)

Poderys Jonas Prof. Dr.
Buliuolis Alfonsas Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Trinkūnas Eugenijus Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Zuozienė Ilona Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Skyrienė Valentina Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Poderienė Kristina Scientific Researcher
Šilinskas Viktoras Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Grūnovas Albinas Prof. Dr.
Zuoza Aurelijus Dr., Assoc. Prof.
  • Athlete Training Management

(Prof. Dr. A. Skarbalius)

Antanas Skarbalius Prof. Dr.
Audinga Kniubaitė PhD student
Lolita Dudėnienė PhD student
Gabija Vidūnaitė PhD student
  • Adaptation to Aerobic Capacity

(Prof. Dr. A. Stasiulis,  H- 6)

Arvydas Stasiulis Prof. Dr.
Loreta Stasiulė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Sandrija Čapkauskienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Kristina Zaičenkovienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Pranas Mockus Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Gintas Volungevičius Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Vidas Bružas Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Ilona Zuozienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Daiva Bulotienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Valentina Skyrienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Vaida Šidlauskaitė Dr., Lecturer
Ligita Šilinė PhD student
Ričardas Nekriošius PhD student
Eligijus Mačinskas PhD student
Domantas Balsys PhD student
Viktorija Treigytė Master degree student
Justas Pagirskas Master degree student
  • Strength and Conditioning of Athletes

(Assoc. Prof. J. Stanislovaitienė, H – 2)

Jūratė Stanislovaitienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Kristina Bradauskienė Dr., Lecturer
Sigitas Kamandulis Prof. Dr.
Albertas Skurvydas Prof. Dr.
Daniele Conte Dr., Researcher
Inga Lukonaitienė PhD student
Vytautas Pliauga Dr.
Domantas Žalga Master degree student
Karolina Deliautaitė Master degree student
Rėjus Pociūnas Master degree student