Management and Economics of Sport and Leisure

Head Prof. Dr. Biruta Švagždienė

The strategic research area Management and Economics of Sport and Leisure is considered to be creative (innovative) synergistic development, the content of which is characterized by creative (innovative) development of synergistic harmony, regional development problems and processes of social responsibility, as well as research on competitiveness and service quality. Assumptions that help explore the trends of sport, tourism and leisure (recreation) in our society include the following strategies:

  • they are becoming more and more popular in Lithuania;
  • they can make a significant impact on the local, regional, national and global economy;
  • research shows that quality recreational and leisure services provide the right conditions for people of all ages to grow – they become much healthier and choose a much more active lifestyle;
  • in the face of massive demographic changes in the country and the growth of demand for such services, there is a need to properly focus all efforts to improve the quality of recreational and leisure services and to analyse and accumulate experience in providing such services.


  • Economics of Sport and Leisure

(Prof. Dr. E. Jasinskas, H – 6)

E. Jasinskas Prof. Dr.
B. Švagždienė Prof. Dr.
D. Štreimikienė Prof. Dr.
R. Mikalauskas Dr., Assoc. Prof.
A. Simanavičius Dr.
A. Ūsas PhD student
G .Breiterė Master degree
J. Grants Prof. Dr.
I. Kravalis Dr., Assoc. Prof.
  • Sports and Leisure Management

(Prof. Dr. Irena Valantinė)

Irena Valantinė. Prof. Dr.
Inga Staškevičiūtė Butienė Dr., Lecturer
Rimantas Mikalauskas Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Rasa Kreivyė Dr., Lecturer
Sanela Skorič (Zagreb University, Croatia) Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Ferran Calabuig Moreno (Valensia University, Spain) Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Kristina Mejerytė Narkevičienė Lecturer
Edvinas Eimontas Assistant
Samuel Lopez Carril (Valensia University, Spain) PhD student
Ingrida Grigaliūnaitė Master degree student
Mindaugas Kariniauskas Master degree student
  • Managerial Approach to Violence in Sport

(Prof. Dr. Jolita Vveinhardt; H – 6)

Jolita Vveinhardt Prof. Dr.
Vilija Bitė Fominienė Dr., Assoc. Prof.
Laima Jesevičiūtė-Ufartienė Dr.