Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vidas Bružas elected Chairman of the Senate

At the virtual meeting of the Senate of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vidas Bružas was elected the new Chairman of the Senate.

V. Bružas holds office of Vice-Rector for Sport and Partnership, the responsibilities of whom include infrastructure and project development, student sports and leisure activities. One of the Vice-Rector’s priorities involve cooperation with the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania, sports federations and other social partners in the country and abroad.

The newly elected Chairman believes that the main goals of the Senate are to ensure that important issues relating to studies and research are discussed and addressed,  and the necessary documents to guarantee the academic quality are adopted and improved in a timely manner.

“Due to various changes in the system of higher education in Lithuania, the role of universities in society is changing, the importance of their third mission is increasing, therefore the Senate should be more active in discussions with higher education policy makers and social partners. It should be open to new ideas, proactive in shaping Lithuanian sports and health policy,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Bružas. “I will strive for the Senate to have the greatest possible trust of the University community as well, to properly represent all its academic members: teachers, researchers, and students. The Senate, together with the Council and the Rector, must become a united team in implementing the strategic goals of the University, strengthening its leadership, internationality and sovereignty.”

Prof. Habil. Dr. Jonas Liudas Poderys was elected Deputy Chairman of the Senate.