Strategy 2018 – 2022 years

Lithuanian Sports University is the only university in Lithuania to carry out scientific research and studies in all major fields of sport and health promotion, as well as to train high-level professionals in the areas of sport, physical education, sports and leisure management and physiotherapy. This extensive profile of a specialized university enables the Lithuanian Sports University to meet the needs of the country and rationally organize research activities and studies. Sports traditions in Lithuania are closely linked to the Lithuanian Sports University. The graduates of the University have trained an absolute majority of the Olympic, World and European Champions, the achievements of which are rejoiced by the whole Lithuania. According to the ratio of athletes’ achievements and population, our country is among the leaders in Europe.

The University, an important centre for sports science, which nurtures the values and traditions of physical education and sports, has served the people of Lithuania for more than eight decades and has made a tremendous progress over the last decade. In 2014, the experts of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education accredited the University for a maximum period of six years based on institutional performance. After a comparative evaluation carried out in 2015, foreign experts assessed the research activities in the area of Biomedicine and recognized them to be of an international level, and the research activities in the area of Sports Education were admitted being of a strong national level and among the best in Lithuania.

During the next five years, Lithuanian Sports University will seek to consolidate Sports and Health Promotion Sciences and studies by attracting the best Lithuanian and foreign researchers and professionals. Inhabitants of Lithuania are characterized by poor health, low physical activity and high mortality rates from chronic non-communicable diseases, which is twice as high as in the Scandinavian countries. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the University is to promote activities in the field of public health. Lithuanian Sports University will carry out research and develop sports and health professionals of the new generation who are able to apply modern technology that enables evidence-based practice in the field of sport and health promotion.

MISSION: promote sustainable development of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of people (from childhood till old age), help train elite athletes, participants of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and provide prompt recommendations to politicians and all interested institutions on the development of Lithuanian social and economic well-being through sport, physical activity, recreation and rehabilitation through creative involvement of the world research, studies and modern technology in sport and exercise, physical activity and nutrition, recreation and rehabilitation and the development of research of the highest international level in those areas in Lithuania.

VISION: become a University that ensures a wholesome and happy life through sport and physical activity, the cultural, scientific and educational values of which as well as the benefits of sport, physical activity, recreation and health promotion could be felt by every person in Lithuania, and especially by a student of Lithuanian Sports University.


  • respect for exclusive knowledge, guaranteeing the unity of studies and research and the continuous development of the progress;
  • comprehensive promotion of new ideas, initiatives, innovations, professionalism and leadership;
  • availability and quality of academic services for Lithuanian and foreign pupils and students, the community of working and retired people, as well as business and public sector institutions and non-governmental organizations;
  • promotion of active dialogue with national and foreign partners (clients);
  • mutual respect, tolerance, competence and trust-based teamwork;
  • promotion, education and demonstration of respect for a healthy lifestyle and Olympic ideas;
  • promotion of citizenship and patriotism beyond any political ideology.