LSU hosted the second meeting of the project I.W.O.N. under the Erasmus+ programme Collaborative Partnership

  The coordinator of Erasmus+ (Sport) Collaborative Partnership project I.W.O.N. — WORK OUT NOW — is a non-profit sports organization "ASD PalestraGinnasticaFerrara" (Italy), and its partners — Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) and Portuguese municipality MunicipiodeMirandela.

 The aim of the project is to increase the interest of sports personnel in balanced training programmes to avoid injuries during workouts. Based on the research results of the Laboratory of Posture (Postulab, Italy) for 3-16 year-old athletes, representatives from the three countries seek to share best practices, knowledge and innovative methods of training focused on the athlete.

  During the project, practical trainings for trainers, sports instructors and managers will be organized, a recommendation guide and a mobile phone application applet will be developed. It will provide detailed explanatory steps and photos on how to properly perform certain exercises avoiding potential injuries.

  In the middle of June, LSU hosted the project participants and organized meetings, practical sessions and discussions about implementation of the project activities.