Sport performance analysts will be trained in a new international study programme

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) together with two other European universities has developed an international graduate programme “International Master of Sport Performance Analysis“. The programme will be launched in the autumn of 2016.

An exceptional international graduate programme will be conducted in English and will train highly qualified sport performance analysts. In August 2015, the study programme was accredited by the Study Quality Assessment Centre.

LSU will conduct the programme of the same content together with the Otto von Guericke University (Germany) and the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Portugal), cooperating on the basis of the University Consortium and joint activity agreement. The students of the study programme will learn to perform high-level sport performance analysis and adapt their skills in recreational and professional sports on the basis of the latest knowledge in sports science.

Modern coaches can no longer perform sport performance analysis based on the newest methods, as technology has an increasing impact on sport. Moreover, sports training management is constantly improving. Therefore, there is a significant need for sport performance analysts in Europe.

“It has been scheduled to enrol the first students in the autumn of 2016. The students will start their studies under an international student exchange programme Erasmus + together with the students of the cooperating universities at the Otto von Guericke University (Germany) and proceed to the second semester at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Portugal). The students of all three universities will spend their third semester at Lithuanian Sports University. Final theses will be written at their home universities “, said LSU Vice-Rector for Studies Prof. Dr. Rasa Jankauskienė.

After completion of studies students will be conferred the qualification degree of Master of Sport.

Graduates will be able to work as sport performance analysts at sports clubs, as sport performance and coaching analysis project promoters and experts or take the positions of persons responsible for the development in national and international sports organizations; they will also be able to work as researchers and/ or analysts in institutions carrying out sport performance analysis or as development advisers in sports clubs as well as modern laboratories for research in sports science.

The study programme should be of interest not only to the graduates of sports science, but also to those who have completed studies in engineering or technology (including information technology). After the graduates familiarize with the principles and methods of sport performance analysis, they will be able to apply and create technological innovation in sports and recreation sectors. Moreover, the skills acquired will provide a solid foundation for those who would like to develop their own business.